Jewelery Maintenance

Maintenance service

With daily use, there may be small scratches,
jemstone may be chipped..
Even well-made jewelry may need maintenance and repairs from time to time. At radianne, we offer a full range of after-sales services to ensure that our customers can use their precious jewelry with peace of mind at any time.


maintenance service
Our Maintenance Services

Introducing some of our aftercare services.



For jewelry that has lost its luster due to small scratches and scuffs due to aging and use, we will remove the scratches, carefully polish it, and re-coat it if necessary. It looks just like when you bought it new.

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If you want to correct the size or bought the wrong size, we will solve your problems. Depending on the design, there are restrictions on whether or not the size can be changed.

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Check looseness of stones and refasten them

When I woke up, the stone was gone and the chain was broken. We also handle damage problems such as
Depending on the condition, the price may fluctuate and the availability of repairs, etc., but please feel free to contact us first.

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Jewelry Repairing Services

◆Ring sizing
We will resize the ring according to the change in size.

◆ Stone removal repair
Stones that are fastened with claws may come off due to repeated daily impacts, which may cause the claws to wear and break, or the place where the stones are fastened may loosen. Regarding the trouble of removing stones, it is possible to deal with it by bringing it in by delivery.

◆Repair of full eternity rings We also accept repairs for damaged full eternity rings that are difficult to repair. Depending on the condition, we may not be able to accept it, so please send it to our shop once. A craftsman will directly check the damage status and provide an estimate.

◆Loose fasteners for bracelets, etc. We also handle problems with various fasteners, such as catching and loosening of bracelets and necklace fasteners.

◆Changing the length of the necklace chain We can also adjust the length of the necklace chain and change to a new chain.

◆ Reissuance of identification and appraisal certificates
If the Moissanite jewelry certificate that came with your purchase is lost, it can be reissued.
The newly obtained identification certificate will be re-identified and re-acquired by a domestic appraisal institution.

* Aftercare and maintenance are limited to our products.
All of our products are guaranteed for life, but we will determine whether the repair is for a fee or free of charge when we check the product to be repaired. If the item is free of charge, we will inform you of the return date. If you charge a fee, we will hold your item at our store, check the condition, and issue an estimate. If the item does not need to be repaired, it will be returned to you.

*Please note that we may not be eligible for compensation if we can confirm that the product has been repaired by another company.

Regarding damage repairs not listed above,
Please feel free to contact us.

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