Free Size-checking Service

Rental Ring gauge

At our shop, we rent a ring gauge for free for those who are unsure of the size.
Ring gauge free lending flow
1. When you purchase (pay for) the ring you are considering, we will ship the ring size gauge to your registered address. To apply for a ring gauge, please write it in the memo field displayed when ordering the product, or you can also use the application link on this page or contact us .

2. When you receive the ring gauge, measure the size and contact us with the number stamped on the size gauge that fits you.

3. Please put the ring gauge in the enclosed return envelope and post it.


・Please note that the ring gauge free rental service is only available to customers with a purchase amount of 20,000 yen or more.

・ Even if the purchase amount is "20,000 yen or less", you can use it with one coin (500 yen). Please feel free to contact us.

・If it is not returned within 7 days, we will charge 5,000 yen as a ring gauge fee.

・Please note that we will charge 5,000 yen for lost items as well.

Please make sure that your registered address is correct. If it is sent to another address due to a mistake in the registered address, it will be treated as lost. The ring gauges we offer are manufactured in accordance with the JIS standards of Japan.
Please note that commercially available inexpensive ring gauges may differ from Japanese standards.

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