About us

About radianne™️

At first glance, a "rich" and "happy" society seems to be full of various things and nothing is lacking.

What does it mean to be rich?
What is happiness?

Now that we feel material affluence on a daily basis, material affluence sometimes makes people feel happy as spiritual affluence.

Richness and happiness that we feel every day in a wide variety of values. We believe that “each shape” that can make the ideal we pursue into reality leads to true richness. And that "pursuit of affluence" cannot be forced on others, nor can it be forced upon them.

Gemstones and jewelry sometimes give healing and impression to those who wear them. Joy and happiness felt through jewelry. And in order to enjoy that happiness and abundance, people somewhere in the world must not suffer or destroy anything.

We hope that customers who purchase radianne jewelry can feel happiness and richness in their hearts, and that their richness and happiness will lead to a better future. We mainly use lab-grown diamonds and moissanite to pursue affluence and happiness.