[Customer Cases] K18WG 0.27ct Alexia

▶︎There is a video in the fifth image.




K18WG (white gold)

main stone

[Using Moissanite]
▪️Round brilliant 0.27ct
* All stones are heart & cupid (heart and arrow)

arm part

Normal mirror finish/Platinum finish
*Platinum finish = rhodium coating

ring size

No. 13.5

Reference price


*Consumption tax is included in addition to the above amounts.

*In the case of made-to-order products, the prices of base metals may fluctuate at the time of quotation or order due to the influence of the price market of precious metals.
(This does not apply to ready-made products.)

*We import gemstones such as moissanite and diamonds.
Please note that the price may be adjusted due to the influence of the depreciation of the yen.


▪️Please note that the cost may be adjusted depending on the timing of the order due to the influence of the bullion price. Also, the cost will change depending on the content of the order you request.

▪️Regarding the main stone, side stone, ring size, and type of base metal, we also accept orders that arrange the shape, size, color, type of base metal, etc. of the stone.

▪️Delivery time is usually about 2 months.
Please contact us separately for the delivery schedule for the busy season.

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