Rose motif jewelry set

A regular customer who has always been a regular customer ordered a tailoring of a rose motif jewelry set. It's a very nice piece of jewelry, so I'd like to introduce it to you.

Rose motif clip-on earrings

Coup de coeur [coup de coeur] earrings

For the customer who requested this time, we have prepared earrings post and clip type, but we can also prepare only post type or earrings only type according to your request. For pierced earrings, if the size of the motif is a little smaller, a post alone is fine, but for larger pierced earrings, it is better to have a clip on the back so that the pierced hole is less likely to be damaged and can be worn stably. It is also safe to prevent loss at times.

Coup de coeur [coup de coeur] XL ring

Here is the ring. With a motif diameter of about 3 cm, this is a fairly large and luxurious ring for precious metal jewelry. The main stone is about 7.5mm. The main stone alone weighs 1.5ct, and the small stones around it add up to nearly 4ct. The size of the ring motif can be customized by making it larger or smaller according to the customer's request.

Coup de cour means "love at first sight" in French. Named from the flower language of a single rose.

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