Special pear shape cut with different proportions

I would like to introduce you to an interesting custom-made project that I received a request from the other day.

(Photo: The right side is the normal standard type. Both are 0.8ct in actual weight.)

The loose moissanite (moissanite) we use has a set size standard. Many people know that cutting is important for diamonds and moissanite.

It is no exaggeration to say that cutting competes to make loose stones look beautiful. For example, diamonds take advantage of the characteristics of diamonds, and by carefully calculating the symmetry, angle, depth from the top of the stone to the sharp point below, etc., the beautiful shine unique to diamonds is achieved. You can pull it out.

Moissanite has different characteristics from diamond, so from the planning stage (scanning the rough diamond and calculating the shape, size, ratio, etc. using a computer to determine how to cut it), It is processed loosely while adjusting not only the size but also the height and width of the stone, the angle of cut and the number of faces, etc. increase.

I have digressed a little, but the other day, I received a request that the main stone of the ring you ordered be a pear shape with a slightly longer vertical length, 1:1.7. Slightly drop type main stone shape.
The tapered (trapezoidal) side stones are actually slightly longer than normal ones. This is the shape most often seen in diamonds.

It has a classic style, and the vertical drop-shaped pear shape cut is also very nice.
I learned later in a meeting with the cutting factory that the lower part of the stone (below the girdle) had a little more texture on the cut surface.

We have told you that it is possible to order the main stone itself by adjusting the size of your choice, but that is either simply cutting the size you are told, or just using what we have in stock. Rather than recutting to perfection, we carefully finish each piece so that the customer who ordered it will be pleased.

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