Cœur à Cœur by radianne




Product Details

An item that uses an "Asscher cut" that maximizes the transparency of moissanite, which has a beautiful square cut symmetry that is rare. It has 74 cut surfaces, which is about 1.5 times the 58 surfaces of a brilliant cut. Items that are unconventional and give off a strong sparkle enhance your originality.

Stone size/quantity: 3.5mm*7
Carat weight: roughly 1.3ct
*The weight shown is based on the actual weight assumptions.

Click here for white gold and platinum
Click here for rose gold


◆Details may differ from the image depending on the size of the stone, the type of base metal, and whether or not additional processing has been performed at the time of ordering.

◆We accept orders in a made-to-order format, where production proceeds after the order is confirmed. Our custom-made jewelry is made by craftsmen one by one, so the delivery time is about 4 to 6 weeks.

◆White gold and platinum products are coated when finished, so the coating surface will wear over time. Please use our maintenance service as needed.

Customized Ideas»

◆Change the shape of the stone
◆Change the type and shape of the nail that holds the stone
◆Change to colored moissanite
◆Put a secret stone inside the ring
◆Arrange the design on the side and back of the motif
◆Specially cut the main stone Change to etc.
◆ Overall design customization ... etc.

In addition to the above, various customizations are possible.
Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form .

*Customization is subject to change depending on the design. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

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